Three keys to generate quality subscribers


Many marketing specialists have problems obtaining and maintaining databases with quality subscribers. In most cases, generating quality subscribers refers to having a number of users that open your emails, read your blog and also share your content, comment and interact with you on social networks, etc.

The problem is that most brands use basic tactics to grow their list of subscribers regardless of the quality of these users.

Although it never hurts to apply all kinds of strategies, there are many more opportunities that you should also apply in your strategy of acquiring quality leads. Take advantage of all possible opportunities.

Double opt-in

If you want to generate quality subscribers you must use a double opt-in subscription. This is a technique widely used in email marketing. It means that subscribers register through a subscription form and then receive an email with a link to click to confirm that they wish to receive your emails.

This confirmation email is perfect to have new quality users. Because this double effort determines the interest that users have to receive information about your brand.

Accessible contact information

Users like quick results. Adding your contact information is key to maintaining good communication with your users. What users are interested in is that they feel heard if they ever want to tell you something. The value offered by good communication is incredible.

For that the Live Chat is a perfect option. It is a tool that helps solve any problem, doubt or query almost immediately. Using this type of tool or something similar is great to generate quality subscribers.

Use testimonials

Offering testimonials helps build trust, and more trust means more subscribers. Take a look at the testimonials that your users have written on your website. Examine those comments and decide to give visibility to some of them.

Add testimonials from reliable sources or from real people always. Only then will you increase the subscription rate. The testimonials will help you improve your conversion rate.


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