Why you really need digital marketing for your business


Regardless of what business you are in, you’ll need to ensure that potential customers know that you exist, what your products or services are, and why they should do business with you – in other words, you need to engage in marketing campaigns. Because more and more people rely on the Internet for their shopping or for contacting a local business, you’ll also need to go digital and market your brand on the web.

Digital marketing is, for many, still an unknown or confusing concept. This is completely normal; it has only become very popular in the last decade, after all, and even the professionals are still catching up. However, it pays to get informed. Here’s why you really need digital marketing for your business.

Great ROI

Marketing and placing advertisements on social media is actually quite cheap; with the right approach, you might find a way of getting your message out for free. That, combined with the opportunity to target your ads to specific groups of people, creates a great opportunity. Digital marketing gives you a much better return on investment than other, more traditional, forms of marketing.

Global or local

If you’re the owner of a plumbing or electrical service, you may want to advertise and market on a local scale. If you have a new product that can easily be shipped across the world, you may want to focus on a global market. Whatever business you are in, your marketing efforts via social media and the Internet could be focused on various geographical levels, from the small local to the large global – for a minimum of cost.

Customer loyalty

Statistics prove that companies and brands that are active on social media have a much larger loyal customer base than those who don’t – and customer loyalty is very important.

Improved conversion rates

If you have a website, your customers can visit it, browse around, make their decision, and do business right there and then. There’s no more necessity to visit a shop or pick up the phone. This ability – to make a sale with only a few clicks – is very powerful.


You may not immediately think that digitalisation promotes personalisation, but with data gathered online you can give your customers more personalised offers.

Don’t forget that by having a strong presence online (especially through social media) you are able to gather invaluable information and data about your customers or potential target demographic, allowing you to create and improve your next marketing campaigns, directing it to a specific group of people who are more likely to be interested in your product. The potential of digital marketing for your business, as specialists in digital marketing Cornwall from Blind Pig Media will tell you, is truly unlimited; it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.


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