Essential skills for the marketing managers of tomorrow


Marketing is the child of the Industrial Revolution and Consumerism. More importantly, it is the also the father of sales. No product or service ever gets purchased without marketing. This includes word of mouth advertising to your friends and relatives, display advertising, and any form of promotions.

The proliferation of internet users worldwide has changed the face of marketing. The ability to reach out to a much larger audience has given any business a chance to sell in a larger market. Consequently, this has also increased competition and the attention span of any target demographic. Marketing managers will have to adapt to this change as it evolves further and anticipate the future of consumer receptiveness.

Social Media Management

Internet users spend more time on social media accounts than any other type of internet activity. Mobile versions of social media are the top application being used by most individuals according to the latest studies.

The different platforms and attitudes of users in social media would mean that a marketing manager will have to respect those users’ needs. Marketers must also learn to comply with the rules of each platform.

There are courses such as the online master of science in marketing management, ted talks, and YouTube videos that would teach marketing professionals best practices to adhere to each platform.


A website is today’s most powerful brand ambassador. A majority of people verify corporate credibility online. It’s important that websites can easily be found using a search engine. It should have fresh and engaging content, social media interactivity, and dynamic code for mobile users.

There are technical intricacies involved in this that modern and future marketers should know. Hiring consultants, “gurus”, or embarking on an online MSM program can familiarize marketing managers with the technical and financial aspect of SEO and SEM.

Personal Responsibility

Constant collaboration will mean that the quote “Success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan.” will apply to all projects. A modern marketing manager should be able to share his victories and take personal responsibility for failure.

A manager’s job is to oversee anything related to his department. This includes work done by subordinates and other departments. Failure in any shape or form relating to this is the personal responsibility of the manager alone.

Traditional Roots in Steroids

Online marketing is still marketing. It still involves the usual advertisements and promotions. However, social media will ensure a larger more critical audience. Mistakes will be noticed faster and by more people. Blunders detrimental to a brand can be spread quickly so attention to detail is paramount.

The internet will also ensure that they are archived in perpetuity. Modern marketing managers should not tolerate any avoidable mistakes as it harder to recover from them today.


Future marketing managers should be dynamic, collaborative, and well informed. Markets and consumer attitudes change faster than ever before. A successful marketer should be able to adapt to these changes and recognize opportunities as they happen.


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