What is personal branding?


Personal brand is to understand this is a market and that you are a product in this huge market, where there are many similar products

Some products maybe bigger than others, but others more juicy or better quality than those.

Imagine you are in a market and close to you there are hundreds of products like you, but just like in a typical market, although all potatoes are potatoes, it is always the one that attracts the buyer, right?

That potato that differentiates by its color and promises to have better content than the rest and of course everyone will want to buy that potato that is apparently better.

You have to build a personal path, a path that will allow you to be bought as in the example of the potato. You have to develop a path until you succeed in being the successful product.

And when I speak of success, remember success is relative, perhaps for someone to succeed is to win $ 10,000 in a month and for another person success is to achieve a dream, a goal that does not have to do with money, but if with happiness, and personal improvement.

That is why your success is relative, but to achieve that success we need to know how to sell ourselves, so that the people who buy or buy us will do so based on our advantages.

Developing our personal brand is to convince potential “buyers” that he will not find in other people that virtue, that differentiates us from what is outside, and that conveys what we can give.

The concept of personal branding has a background, a process of personal development that consists of developing the skills that you have, that differentiate you from the rest, and take them to another level.

You must understand that we, that is, people, are a brand. You are a brand just like the trademarks, like Amazon, Apple, Mcdonalds, Coke, you are a brand and your brand has your name.


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