Agile Marketing (4 of 4)


This article is divided in four posts:

  1. What is agile marketing?
  2. How to work with agile marketing?
  3. What’s the job of the agile marketing team?
  4. What are the benefits of scrum methodology?

Benefits of the Scrum methodology

Agile marketing could not be understood without the Scrum methodology, which is the process based on a succession of partial and regular deliveries of the final product based on the value they offer to customers. Some benefits of applying Scrum are:

1.- Higher customer satisfaction

By learning to work iteratively, organizations are better prepared to deliver to their customers the products and services they really need.

The good thing about the Scrum model is that you can receive customer feedback at the end of each sprint. And this means the results will be better aligned with the actual needs of him. In addition, it allows to get closer ties with the clients and with the rest of the actors involved in the process.

2.- Reduction of the costs of the products or services

Scrum also improves ROI by reducing costs:

  • Change the speed at which you do things.
  • They leave aside the different losses that may arise throughout the process.
  • And in this way, avoiding jobs that are not indispensable as well as repetitions or errors.

In short, the teams work faster, walk on safe, with a lower cost and in a simple way.

3.- A happier and more productive team

With Scrum you can quickly develop those elements that people need to use. And this really is something that motivates and brings energy to those responsible for digital marketing.

The Scrum methodology is especially valuable for complex enterprise projects whose execution is effective in unusual situations:

  • When it is indispensable to obtain results immediately.
  • In the moment in which the requirements are changing and little defined.
  •     When deliveries are lengthened or plan costs soar.
  •     If there is a high degree of staff turnover within the teams.
  •     When a traditional project requires management solutions.

The important thing now is to find the right time and place and carry out a digital marketing strategy that contemplates an important vision of what can be achieved.


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