Why is it important to write personalized newsletters?


Brands that carry out in-depth processes and analysis to create personalized newsletters get twice as many conversions as those that do not. But then, why do 83% of brands do not perform a good analysis of their database?

This is also reflected in the high rebound rates of email campaigns. That is, most of the newsletters a user receives are annoying. And this happens because they are not optimized, they are mere promotions.

They do not invite reading or provide content relevant to the user. They simply seek to get their attention so that they click on the call to action and end up converting.

But personalized newsletters are different. They are essays sent by real people, designed in detail to please a particular reader and written with a more personal tone.

As you can see, it has nothing to do with the typical newsletters that you reject yourself. In fact the opening rate of these emails grows 50-60% compared to the most commercial emails. So much so that emails that include the name of the recipient in your subject line have higher click rates than those that do not incorporate it.

Maintaining ongoing relationships with your subscribers will almost unintentionally cause you to be in your top of mind. In fact, the key is not to overwhelm the subscriber with continuous irrelevant information. But in offering what interests you at the right time.

And as always, to get to this point you need a good segmentation of the database. In fact your list of records must be updated and divided according to some parameters that help you to differentiate them. In this way you will be able to:

  •      Allow your users to choose the list in which they want to enroll.
  •      Identify your customers and the sectors to which they belong.
  •      Detect who are the most receptive to your messages.
  •      Know which messages work best.

Do you know what advantages it has to create personalized newsletters compared to social networks, blogs or the most promotional email marketing?

  • Mayores tasas de apertura y de respuesta
  • Los usuarios le dedican más tiempo
  • Crearás vínculos más fuertes con tu audiencia
  • Puedes hacer branding de una manera mucho más profunda


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