6 tips to start vlogging for business


Vlogging has been gaining popularity as people and institutions and businesses create video blogs or a log. Its popularity has gained significance owing to the fact it has emerged to give a human face to the distribution of online content. However, vlogging often involves the use of texts, images, and other data forms to support the uploaded video content.

Vlogging For Business

The following 6 vlogging for business tips can assist in developing professional content that will take your business to another level. This will ensure the possibility of attracting the right clients and possibly increasing one’s market share.

#1 Invest In Decent Equipment

The first rule is to invest in good equipment as it one way of making good quality videos for one’s vlogging business site. This is to ensure that the video is of good quality that can get the point across in a visually appealing manner. It is also noted that there are cheap vlogging cameras that can get the job done. However, it is important to physically test the ability of different cameras before making a purchasing decision as this will prevent disappointments when it comes to creating the video content.

#2 Distribute Content In Different Forums

Another issue to put into consideration is to distribute videos to different online forums and platforms. This is because the target audience has an online preference.in this case using different forums will ensure that one can reach as many potential clients as possible and therefore increase the chances of being successful in what they want to accomplish. The different forums also attract different market segments so it is important to take that into consideration when choosing where to place vlogging videos.

#3 Feature Customer Tesmonials

It is worth noting that trust between the company and prospective client is an important element when one wants to grow their business. In this case having someone who testifies on the authenticity or quality of a product will go a long way in ensuring that a prospective client makes a decision to finally purchase the product. The testimonials are also a means of marketing the product to individuals who consume substitute products that are similar to what is being offered

#4 Include A Call To Action

This is whereby you invite the audience to do something that is related to what they have just seen or viewed. In this case, it might be leaving a comment about the video or even making a purchase within a specific time to be able to qualify for a discount offer. This is meant to encourage the viewer to interact with you and in the process, form a long-lasting relationship. The relationship was formed should be maintained e.g. through things like an after-sales service package.

#5 Optimized The Title Of The Video To Be Easily Searched

The titles of one’s video should be optimized for search engines. Points to note is that they should be powerful, searchable and contain relevant keywords to be able to reflect in the first page or few pages of a search engine. The title is also recommended to be less than six words long, one should use a keyword that one wants the vlog to be ranked for, include a number if it is relevant to the blog and always remember to include one or two emotionally charged words.

#6 Introduce the Company Staff And Departments To The Target Audience

In this case, the main aim is to try and gain the clients trust by giving them a behind the scenes footage of what it takes to deliver a particular product or service to them, this can be broken down into different videos that depict a particular area in the business and therefore different video vlogs. The videos offer the client a view of the company that they do not normally see in marketing campaigns such as the company work culture.

Vlogging is a powerful tool that can be used to effectively market a particular product or service on the online platforms. It is also estimated that as time goes most online searches will be for videos available as vlogs in different online platforms. The vlogging for the business route is, therefore, an option for any business seeking to make a name for itself and drive sales. This ensures that the messages or content being broadcasted to the online community is done so by giving a human face to the content in which the viewers can easily relate to.


  1. What I will comment on below may not be to your liking, but I assure you it will help you produce a more concise and enjoyable video. Have a script, I do not mean to write a document with the exact words that you will use but rather a list of points to play, write examples or data that give your video a more solid basis. If your videoblog is personal, it is not vital, but if you want to talk about a specific topic for example: relationships, family or something, so that your ideas are not lost, write them and ready.

    • From my own experience, the camera is still more important. If you do not have a professional video camera, do not worry, many smartphones currently record in HD and that will give your video much more quality, if you have a digital camera of the commons you can also use it, but the recommendation is that the videos Are minimum 720p or 1080p ideal.

  2. Keep in mind that both written blogs and Youtube we will find a part of the community that insults the content creator, who verbally fights in the comments with other users, who wants your project to sink … But this phenomenon occurs to a greater extent in Youtube and much less in written blogs.


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