Agile marketing (3 of 4)


This article is divided in four posts:

What’s the job of the agile marketing team?

The 3 main tasks of a team that is part of a war room are:

1.- Establish objectives, methods of work and methods of measurement of results

Once the team of the war room is assembled, objectives should be set for the entire process.

Afterwards, the team will have an initial meeting to clearly state that the rules of the game and the rules previously applied change. And a new, more agile culture will be articulated, which should include:

Continuous and deep collaboration.
Avoid justifying processes “because it has always been done”
Include different opinions, always based on data.
And, above all, keep the customer at the center of all decisions.

All members must identify anomalies, problems or opportunities, to make key decisions.

It is recommended that each member of the team give a quick report each day about what was achieved the previous day and what is planned today. Thus responsibility is imposed and nothing is overlooked.

2.- Design and execute the tests

For each identified opportunity, the team should develop ideas on how to improve the user experience. In addition to proposing different ways to test these ideas. For each hypothesis, your team will have to design a test method and define performance indicators.

Subsequently, the team will have to develop several tests in one or two weeks to validate whether the proposed approaches work.

The war room needs to operate efficiently. And for that, only a few meetings are available, very brief and punctual. They will serve to manage an effective level of performance with a marked production process and some rational approval.

3.- Apply the idea based on the results

Each team must have effective tracking mechanisms to quickly report the outcome of each test. The scrum methodology, in this case, is responsible for directing the sessions to review the results and decide which produce promising answers.

In the end, the war room team should initiate a discussion to emphasize the lessons learned and communicate the results.



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