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Author: Dan Thornton

Social Media policies and guidelines are vital for every business and employee. Not only are they helpful in ensuring that everyone in a company understands what is expected of them, they can also be a way to empower your employees to feel comfortable and confident in engaging with customers or clients via social media.

Rather than relying on the efforts of a small group of individuals to monitor, engage, interact and report on all activity across the plethora of social networks, blogs, wikis, forums and other locations, a good social media policy or set of guidelines means that the workload can be shared, and the responses can be crafted by those in the best position to respond with the right knowledge on a subject. That also cuts down on response times, as it avoids having to spend time internally contacting the right people within your business and obtain an answer.

Even with a small business, it’s good practice to instill the right guidelines and policies early on. That way you are already building a strong brand image and reputation, and new employees as you grow will pick up the right methodology by example as well as by instruction.

Company Name Document Name Link  
AFP Guidelines for using social media (PDF)
American Medical Association Professionalism in the Use of Social Media
BBC Social Networking, Microblogs and other Third Party Websites
Boy Scouts of America Social Media Guidelines
Cabinet Office Social Media Guidance for Civil Servants (PDF)
Civil Service Lets Get Social
Coca Cola Social Media Principles
Exeter University Social Media Guidelines
Ford Ford Social Media Guidelines
HP Blogging Code of Conduct
IBM Social Computing Guidelines
Imperial College London Social Media Guidelines
Intel Social Media Guidelines
International Olympic Committee Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines
Inter-Paliamentary Union Social Media Guidelines for Parliaments (PDF)
Nursing & Midwifery Council Social Networking Sites
Oracle The Oracle Social Media Participation Policy
Roche Roche Social Media Principles (PDF)
Tesco Social Media Colleague Guidelines (PDF)
University of Texas at Austin Social Media Guidelines
Thomson Reuters Social Media Guidelines
University College London Social Media
University of Michigan Guidelines for the use of social media (PDF)
University of York Social Media Guidelines
Walmart Walmart’s Social Media Guidelines



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