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Author: Heidi Cohen

5 Summer Content Marketing Tips

How To Get YOur Content Into Shape  for the summer

This month, my gym has been pushing memberships. I’m not surprised since it’s the time of year when people start thinking about getting into shape to look their best in their skimpy summer clothes and bathing suits.

The same holds true for your content marketing. You need to get your content in shape for the summer.

4 Sources of summer content inspiration

Start by examining the 4 key sources of summer content inspiration.

  • Holidays. Your options include Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Depending on your readership, also consider Canada Day and Bastille Day. Don’t forget the fun events related to your core products such as Sunday, July 19 is ice cream day!
  • Targeted summer needs. This depends on your business. It includes information such as recipes, home care, family vacations, sports and beach time. For example, one of the local stores has a sale when the temperature rises to get people to leave their air conditioned apartments.
  • Local summer opportunities. Think small for happenings that exist within your community or product category. For example, New York City hosts Fleet Week and Fourth of July fireworks. In your neighborhood, it might be a sidewalk sale or street fair.
  • Fun summer themed content. Take advantage of summer treats. For example, the Top 10 Summer Movies.

5 Summer content marketing tips

Here are 5 ways to get your content in share for the summer so that it shines.

How To Get YOur Content Into Shape for the summer

1. Create a summer content calendar

While I’m sure you’ve got an editorial calendar in place, take the time to review it for new opportunities. Do this quarterly.

Take advantage of the summer’s sense of energy and upbeat outlook.

As you refine your content marketing plans, leave room for notes since there are always outside factors beyond your control. Document them. This will help you improve your efforts going forward. Take my word for it—no one remembers that someone was on vacation or that your servers went down

Summer content marketing tips:

  • Check last year’s editorial and social media calendars along with the results. This gives you insights into what’s worked and what didn’t. While you’re doing this, assess your headlines, media format and presentation.
  • Make sure you’ve covered the major holidays and events related to your business, brand and offering.
  • Add summer themes to your regular features. The objective is to show that you’re in touch with your audience and what’s happening.
  • Get input from your employees and customers. Don’t go it alone. Find out what others interested in your product want to know for the summer.

2. Inventory your existing summer content.

Audit your summer related content. Review your evergreen and prior year’s information.

Examine your content relative to specific events. What did you do last year? When did you publish it relative to actual event? Was it successful?

Summer content marketing tips:

  • Add metadata to your existing content. This streamlines your content audit process, since you’ll easily be able to select your summer-relevant content.
  • Decide what content needs to be spruced up. This is important so that you don’t lose track of it.
  • Highlight where you have gaps in your summer content. When you examine your content as a whole, it’s easier to determine where you’re missing elements and what they are. Add them to your content creation list.

3. Select your summer theme.

Focus on the look and feel of your content. Pick a few visual symbols related to your content and make it feel of the moment.

Integrate your brand colors with a summer brightness.

Remember: Even evergreen content can benefit a makeover. In turn this can give each piece of content another round of engagement.

Summer content marketing tips:

  • Determine a few key visual themes and integrate them into your content. Here’s where Peg Fitzpatrick’s idea of batching content can be a big timesaver. Create a few summer templates to spiff up existing content.
  • Make it easy to implement. The more you streamline the process, the easier it is to change.

4. Create and modify your summer content.

Develop your summer themed content and enhance your existing content.

Need some title inspiration? Here are 50 summer titles.

Summer content marketing tips:

  • Re-imagine existing summer content that needs an updated look. Think of it as filling in your existing wardrobe. How can you make it more relevant and attractive to your audience?
  • Develop summer versions of core content. At a minimum, dress it differently. (BTW—Try using these 131 words to attract more attention according to Andy Crestodina.)
  • Brainstorm content to provides readers with the summer related information related to your products and services. For example, how do you safely transport summer gear including bicycles, kayaks, surfboards to the beach?
  • Examine your editorial calendar to instill summer fun into your offering.
  • Curate relevant summer content. Check out these examples.

5. Distribute and re-promote your summer content.

Take advantage of the summer season to get the most mileage out of your content.

Summer content marketing tips:

Summer’s bright light gives us power and energy. Instill your content marketing with this same feeling.

Ensure that this effort isn’t a once and done exercise. Make sure that you document and add appropriate metadata so that you can use this content again next summer.

What’s your favorite piece of summer content?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Sumer Content Marketing

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