WhatsApp Business makes shopping easier with a new feature


WhatsApp Business is adding a new feature that will allow companies to showcase their products more efficiently. On the other hand, it will make shopping easier for users.

While catalogs allow you to display products for users to choose from, the process is now made a little simpler with collections.

While WhatsApp Business already has a system that allows companies to display their products, and users can buy them from the message chats, now it is improved a little more. And for this, a new feature is being added: collections.

So beyond catalogs, users can create product categories to organize them into collections. For example, “women’s summer clothes,” “houseplants,” “kitchen decor,” “desserts,” etc. They can create classic collections to divide the type of products, or be more creative with collections that highlight promotions, offers, novelties, etc.

A dynamic that simplifies the process for both the user and the vendors. On the one hand, users can more easily find the product they are looking for, as they will go directly to the collection they are interested in. On the other hand, sellers no longer have to deal with a very long list of products.

One detail to keep in mind is that the limit per catalog remains the same: a maximum of 500 products. And the dynamic is the same as we know, so all that is needed is to upload a product image, add a title and description, product code and the corresponding link for the user to go to the company’s website. And the user will only have to choose the product they are interested in to the cart from the collection to send the order.

The new Collections feature is not yet available, but is sure to be available in time for the Christmas season.



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