How to create a sales catalog in your business WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a fundamental communication tool today. Also for companies, both internally and when they have to communicate with customers. But it can also be a tool that helps us to improve billing and for this it is essential to know how to create a sales catalog in the WhatsApp of your business.

It is essential to have a WhatsApp Business account to have this feature, something logical on the other hand. Regardless of whether we use it or not, whenever it is used at a professional level it is advisable to use this business account and not do it with the private one to have better control of communication.

How do I create my sales catalog on WhatsApp?

The process is quite simple and intuitive. We can do it from a phone, Android or iOS, where we have configured the business account or from WhatsApp Web or the desktop application. As we will see depending on what we are going to do it will be more comfortable from one or the other device.

Once the WhatsApp Business application is open we have to click on the three dots in the upper left corner,

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Select Business Tools
  3. Choose the Catalog option
  4. Add new item by clicking on the + icon

From here opens the item tab, which can be either a product or a service offered by our company. A greengrocer can create a kilo of bananas as an item, while a notary could create the creation of a will as a service.

This tab we have to complete it with images, you can upload up to 10 per item, name the product or service, a description and, very importantly, a link to the website selling the item. Be careful, here it is better to use the link to our online store, but not to the home page, but directly to the product’s sales page or to a landing page that we have created to sell it.

As we have said, to create the article, name, description and link it is perhaps more convenient to do it from the Web or desktop application. While to add images it will be easier to do it from the mobile. In any case, the articles can be edited and changed without problems.

I already have my sales catalog in WhatsApp, now what?

Once we have already created several products or service and we have our sales catalog on WhatsApp the next step would be to share it and send it to customers. It can be done both of the entire catalog, as well as of a specific item.

To do this simply open the application, select the attach icon, as we are used to do if we send a photo or a PDF document and select the store icon to send the Sale catalog on WhatsApp.

If we want to send only one item, we must do it from the catalog itself, select the item and share with the customer or group of customers we want. As in any communication, we can add text to the link.

Finally, a very interesting option is the possibility of showing or hiding items as we wish. We can hide a product if we have run out of stock, for example, and once recovered we put it back on sale.

With all this many may think that they do not need to put the catalog, as they prefer to send the same in a PDF to their customers with the information they need. The advantage of using the sales catalog functionality in WhatsApp is in the possibility of sending item by item, with the link to the sales page, something that should help us sell better than an endless PDF.



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