How to use video conferencing in an eCommerce


If you have an eCommerce, you have certainly established several ways of contacting your customers, but have you thought about video conferencing as one of them? It is an original and little exploited way for eCommerce, but it brings a virtual company closer to the customers.

If you haven’t thought about it and want to know more, read on because we’re sure to show you something that could be good for your eCommerce.

Why use a video conference in an eCommerce

Buying on the Internet is a little bit blind, because you can’t really see, touch or know the product beyond the very images that are offered to you in an eCommerce. But what if that were to change? You know that, if you have doubts, you can contact the seller who will answer you (or not).

But, the video conference in an eCommerce, can be the difference between buying on the Internet and giving the feeling that you are talking to a person, as if you were going to the bakery to buy. It brings together, on the one hand, the customer and the salesperson, it puts a face on them, and above all it generates a relationship that stops being cold. It’s much easier to reach customers, you humanize the business and, moreover, you build loyalty.

Reasons to use a videoconference in an eCommerce can be many, but all of them reach the same conclusion: they make eCommerce come to “life” since we see beyond a web page.

How to use it for your benefit

Using a video conference is as simple as setting up a schedule and enabling that time for your camera so that anyone can call you to clear up any doubts before buying, or because they have had a problem and want you to attend.

To do this, you must have a computer (or cell phone), with camera and microphone. The more quality you give it, the better, because this way you will offer a better service (that means that if you have a powerful Internet connection there will be fewer problems).

Advantages and disadvantages of a videoconference

Is it that good to enable a video conference for your eCommerce? Since we want you to have all the pros and cons, we are going to talk to you below about the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Advantages of video conferencing

Actually, there are quite a few advantages to enabling this system of communication with your customers, so much so that it will attract attention. Because, to begin with, we are talking about a form of contact that the competition may not have, so you already stand out. And if you also offer quality, customers will start to notice you. It will be as if they were buying in a real store.

You will reduce costs, firstly, of travel for your customers if you sell not only on the Internet, but also physically; and secondly because you don’t need anything extra to offer this service, being able to have longer working hours and optimize it based on your customers.

We are talking about an individualized consulting service that, although it could be similar to an e-mail, since you personalize it and give an answer, the fact of being able to see you and talk “one to one” (always establishing a respect between seller and client), will make users see you more focused on your business.

Disadvantages of video conferencing

However, not everything is good. Starting from the fact that you have to be in that available time, and it is not something that customers will request every time, so there will be hours that you spend with nothing to do. And you will say, I can do something else. But beware, because if a customer tries to contact you and you don’t attend to him, you will also create a bad image.

You must have a place to make the video conference. And although we have said that you don’t need anything extra, whatever you use (the camera, microphone, etc.) must show a good quality of image and sound so that you can understand the customers.

Tips to make your video conference go well

Finally, we don’t want to forget to give you some tips to make the videoconference with your clients go well, since you have to take care of certain aspects. In particular, we recommend the following:

Place the computer to make the videoconference in a “nice” area

When making a video conference, you will show your clients a part of your business, whether it is in a store, an office, or your own home. Now, imagine that what they see in the background is a half painted wall, or dirty. Or even worse, they see lots of products, clutter… Do you think they will trust you?

You need to place yourself in a place that gives professionalism to your business. If possible, with something that allows you to put your company’s logo in the background so they can relate to it and so they don’t lose sight that it’s a company they’re talking to.

Make yourself presentable

Taking into account the “bugs” that you surely remember because they have been viralized, we recommend that you dress presentable. From top to bottom. That is, wear clothes that you would wear outdoors, or that you would wear to attend to your customers.

And why do we tell you from top to bottom? Yes, we know that a videoconference is usually done sitting down. But what if for some reason you have to get up and put on something “presentable” underneath? Your client will see you and may have a bad opinion of you. So try to look good for those face-to-face calls.

Watch your language… and your patience

One must bear in mind that a videoconference is not the same as a face-to-face one. Besides, you must know that this one sometimes fails, the sound slows down, the image freezes… So be patient because these are things that you cannot foresee.

That means that if they ask you to repeat things, or to explain them again, it’s not really because they don’t understand you, but because they can also have failures and your message may not get through. In those cases, try to be direct with the answer they are looking for, as well as trying to explain things as well as possible.
It is available at various times

Not everyone can afford to hold a video conference during business hours. Sometimes, their work, their day-to-day life… makes this impossible for them.

So, something that can also make you stand out from your competition is the fact that they offer more flexible schedules, or at different times than usual. For example, from 7 to 9 in the morning, or from 8 to 10 and 11 at night. Yes, these are hours when you are not supposed to work. But clients will appreciate it because you don’t force them to “fit in” their schedule.


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