Free video editing software


Video is one of the most popular formats in terms of content shared on the Internet. The success of YouTube proves it, although it is enough to spend some time in some social network, such as Twitter or Facebook, to reach the same conclusion.

If this format is successful, it is because it is much easier for users to consume it, who do not have to focus all their attention on it, as is the case with text.

As a result, many people have learned to edit video, as it is a skill that can be useful both if we want to become youtubers at some point in our lives and to promote our business on social networks. Here is a list of the best programs for editing videos for free, beyond Photos and iMovie, the default applications that include Windows and MacOS, respectively.

Davinci Resolve 16


Available for both Windows and MacOS, Shotcut is one of the most popular video editing programs. This tool is open source.
Among its main features, it features an intuitive interface, support for hundreds of audio and video formats, and even support for 4K resolution, something few free video editors can boast.


Este programa es una especie de mezcla entre las interfaces más simples y las funciones complejas de los demás programas que aparecen en esta lista. Es perfectamente recomendable para quienes hacen su primera incursión en la edición de vídeo.

DaVinci Resolve 16

This editing program, available for both Windows and MacOS, is very popular among youtubers for offering a professional level of editing despite being completely free.
We could say that DaVinci Resolve 16 is the most complete of all the free editors. Among its features we have 8K editing, color grading, audio and visual effects post-production and even the ability to edit a project simultaneously with other users.


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