How easy is it to pay with your cellphone?


When choosing a point of sale solution, one of the key considerations is how easy it is for customers to pay. Today, there are more payment options than ever. Only accepting cash and credit cards can potentially limit sales. As more and more consumers are using phones and other mobile devices to pay, using a point of sale solution that can accommodate this can be a major leg up.

The Value of Mobile Payments

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from offering mobile payment options. Smartphones and other mobile devices are only becoming more present in people’s lives. Consumers are researching purchases, discovering stores and more from their phones. So, it should come as no surprise that many want to buy using their phones as well. There are many benefits to this option.

  • Most shoppers today have their phones even if they don’t have cash or even credit cards on them.
  • Mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet can be used at a wide range of participating retailers.
  • Paying with a phone is safe, possibly even safer than other options.
  • Cellphone payments are fast and only require a few taps after the initial setup.

These factors make buying with a cellphone an easy process for consumers. Many shoppers, especially millennials, prefer it to other payment options.

Choosing the Right Solution

Mobile payments are offered by many merchant services companies. For example, Merchant Account Solutions has terminals ranging from a small, mobile cell phone adapter to a station with a cash drawer, all of which can accept payments from cell phones. When selecting a point of sale solution, looks for an option that is easy-to-use for both customers and employees.

If you are looking for a new point of sale terminal, consider the Clover Station. It’s user-friendly and accepts many payment types including cellphone apps. It’s a great way to make paying easier for customers.


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