Reasons for your business to adopt WhatsApp Business


It was inevitable. It had been rumored for quite some time and many companies already used WhatsApp as a communication channel with their customers. The launch of WhatsApp Business was only a matter of time.

The reason is unquestionable: WhatsApp is one of the most used smartphone‘s applications worldwide. Specifically, more than 1,500 million users, a figure to take into account if you want to contact your customers or expand your business.

Twitter has long served as a direct means of communication between brands, companies and their customers. Moreover, many already have customer service directly on Twitter. In the case of Facebook, they have also been updated and with the help of chatbots and Facebook Messenger it is possible to solve doubts or find out about offers.

What is WhatsApp Business and how can we use it to reach our audience?

Your official profile

The main reason to start using WhatsApp Business as a way to contact your customers is that thanks to this version you guarantee your users that this phone number or WhatsApp profile is official.

Reputation costs to win years and is lost in seconds. Hence, dealing with WhatsApp hoaxes or cheating on behalf of our brand is an important issue.

With WhatsApp Business we can share our profile with useful information: our official website, our physical location, alternative contact data …

Currently, accounts created with Business show differences as Business account. And in the future, the account can be confirmed as a confirmed account, as is the case with Twitter.

Technical support

For years, the only way to contact a company or brand was through the telephone. Then came the email and, currently, it is common to go to Twitter, Facebook or internal solutions integrated into the official website.

With WhatsApp Business it is possible to attend to users in real time, via text messages or by audio call.

In addition, it is possible to configure automatic messages to welcome the conversation or inform the customer service hours via WhatsApp, as well as quick answers with phrases or information that we share frequently so that we do not have to constantly write it again.

On the other hand, it is possible to configure a fixed telephone number, instead of the usual mobile number of personal accounts.

The same functions as always

Along with WhatsApp Business own options should not forget the WhatsApp brings in its classic version. Moreover, it is possible to have both versions installed on the same device.

In the Business version we can also use the sending and receiving of multimedia files, group chats, etc.

The metrics

In addition to the communication functions, WhatsApp Business has statistics analysis. Specifically, it will allow us to see figures about messages delivered and read. For now, everything very basic.

Who knows if in the future we can manage advertising campaigns or scheduled shipments or carry out shipment tests.


At the time of writing, WhatsApp Business is available as an Android client and from the web browser. Sooner rather than later, it will have an iOS version.

In terms of geographic reach, WhatsApp Business was initially launched for certain countries only: Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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