The vicious circle of Microsoft Office in companies


One of the most used tools for years in companies has been Microsoft Office. Employees have spent many hours working with Outlook, Word or Excel, programs that have also saved many hours of work for companies. But if a company wants to stop using them looking for other alternatives is immersed in the vicious circle of Microsoft Office.

At the same time, other buiness programs are integrated with them, so if we want to export data from our management program, we will need to use Excel, if we want to send billing to customers automatically, Outlook; or if we want a model contract, Word. It is no longer a question of these tools being the best for us, but other programs that we can not work without, use them in their day to day.

On the other hand, there are organizations that have been using these tools intensively for years. Accounting departments, warehouses, etc. have used it as linked spreadsheets, where the work is quite automated and easy to carry. Nowadays there are better tools for sure, Business Intelligence is within reach of the SME as well, but what they have is enough for them.

The downside is that it feeds the dependence on these tools, which often also prevents thinking about new solutions. Although we know where the limit is, we do not seek to overcome it, although they saw other tools at their disposal that allow a better understanding of data.

And in this way, the wheel continues to be fed back, and Microsoft Office continues to be a central tool for many companies. There is only one exception, the newly created companies, which do not have inherit applications or hardware. In these cases, many of them do not want to pay the Office toll and opt for other types of solutions.


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