Payment from the mobile, less than 5% of customers use it regularly but will be essential


One of the innovations of recent times to make the payments, is the possibility to pay from the mobile, using contactless technology. It is a matter of bringing the telephone to the dataphone to make the payment, thanks to an application and a credit card associated with it. But the payment from the mobile phone is only used by 5% of customers.

At least this is reflected in data from a recent Visa study. 14% of respondents stated that they have an installed application that they use on a regular basis in 5% of purchases and occasionally 9%. In addition, the degree of satisfaction among these users is very high, as they highlight the convenience of not having to carry the cards over.

Does this mean that SMEs do not have to adapt to new forms of payment yet? Not necessarily, because having a contactless and wireless dataphone makes payment much easier, not only from the mobile, but also from the cards that implement the technology. Just bring the card to pay quickly.

It is a method of payment that helps to retain customers and streamline payments, avoiding queues. A different question is whether the SME is interested in having their payments recorded through the electronic transaction of the card. This is the great brake in many cases of these methods of payment.

There are still many companies that accept payment by card as an obligation, because you have to get it, but always prefer payment in cash. The contactless payments mainly account for quicker amounts of less than 20 dollars, which are precisely the most paid in cash.

The truth is that it is very comfortable for the customer, who does not even have to take the card out of the wallet to pay. Even more with the cell phone we always have in our hands. Surely in a few years we will see how much of the payments come this way and not so much in cash.



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