3 information security tips you can learn from the healthcare industry


Every business relies on information technology these days. Over 80% of business operations across various industries are stored digitally, either in the cloud or on-site using servers and storage systems. The digitalization of business operations means better information security is needed as a way to protect the business itself.

There is a lot to learn from the healthcare industry when it comes to information security. From early on, our healthcare information system took security seriously. Here are the 3 information security tips you can learn from the healthcare industry.

A Security Culture

One of the reasons why information security in healthcare is very effective is its culture. There is a high level of security awareness across the industry. Even students who are still pursuing their masters in health informatics at top universities such as Adelphi University are taught to develop and maintain a security-conscious work environment.

As a result, every part of the healthcare industry is aware about the need for better information security. More importantly, every part of the industry knows how to maintain the highest level of information security at every turn. The IT experts with their online masters in health informatics are there to support doctors and nurses in maintaining that high standard.

Protected Devices

The second information security tip we can learn from the healthcare industry is device security. Most of the time, information theft happens due to the lack of security measures on the devices used by stakeholders. This particular issue can be eliminated completely with a strong device security policy.

It is not uncommon for doctors and physicians to carry their own devices. However, it is also quite common for hospitals and medical institutions to equip those devices with proper security measures before they are given access to the information system.

At the same time, medical professionals are encouraged to use medical tablets and specialized devices when working inside the facility. These devices don’t just offer additional features that smartphones and ordinary laptops cannot, but also come with better security measures for maximum protection.


Last but certainly not least, there is also the fact that medical institutions have clear contingency plans for handling information theft and cases of security breach. The procedures are in place to anticipate such issues, allowing them to move quickly and prevent more catastrophic problems quickly and effectively.

The same procedures aren’t always present in other industries; the recent Equifax data breach is a good example of how the mishandling of information theft can lead to bigger, more catastrophic problems that aren’t as easy to solve as the original one.

For your business to maintain smooth operations while relying on information technology, these tips are invaluable. Create a culture where everybody is aware of information security. This will eliminate problems such as a weak password and bad computer habits. Protect the devices with access to your main data storage and make sure you know what to do in the event of a data breach. You will have no trouble keeping sensitive business information secure at all times.


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