More than 140 million Equifax customers affected by data leakage


Equifax was the first to recognize the situation. The company, dedicated to making client credit calculations, has suffered a security breach affecting 143 million customers.

Through a statement to its investors, the financial company has explained that a group of cybercrime has infiltrated their systems and has collected information from the profiles of its database. Among the details they have stolen are sensitive identity-related data, such as the date of birth, address, driving license number and, most importantly, the security number associated with the profile. This number is the number on which the individual’s credit history and financial profile is built.

Of the 143 million profiles that have been uncovered, 209,000 also carried credit card information.

Through this website customers can verify if their data are among those affected. In that case they offer them free credit monitoring, as well as tools to mitigate the effects of identity theft on the Internet, something that cybercriminals could try after getting their data.

This attack, although relevant, is still far from that suffered by members of the Yahoo! mail which affected more than 500 million accounts.

In the United States it is said that it does not matter as much money as you have, as the valuation of your credit. This number, which indicates the capacity to repay a loan, establishes the price at which the institutions grant their credits. It is especially relevant for the purchase of a house, a car or any object with price deferred. Access to lower interest depends on the calculations made by entities such as Equifax.



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