Amazon 4-star, physical store with products rated with four or more stars


From the web to the street, Amazon wants to bring the shopping experience that users have on their website to physical stores. They did it in a certain sense with Amazon Go allowing the payment almost “invisible” and it does now with a new type of physical store that will only have in its shelves the best of Amazon (web). If the product has a lower rating than the four stars on the website, it will not make an appearance in the physical stores of Amazon 4-star.

As Amazon has announced, this new store is inspired by the way customers shop. A way of buying that is based on choosing products, trusting in the valuation of the rest of users, trusting in the stars that it has as a score. The first Amazon 4-star store opens in New York, in the SoHo neighborhood. Customers will find in addition to the best products rated in the main categories of the web, others that are trend among users in New York.

Amazon performs experiments constantly, and with this they may seek to provide some extra that the web can not offer. For example, customers can directly test products that have integrated Alexa, or the simple act of touching and testing the products without having to wait for them to get home or doubt whether to return it or not.

Amazon 4-star will open its first store in New York starting today. It will have an opening schedule that currently does not exceed that of the online website, will be open from Monday to Saturday from ten in the morning to nine at night. On Sundays it will be open from eleven in the morning to eight at night.


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