3 trends in e-Commerce you should know about


Thanks to technological development, e-commerce is in full swing, growing at an unstoppable pace worldwide. If you have an online business, you need to have your finger on the pulse, and be aware of emerging trends in e-commerce; everything points to some really interesting changes on the horizon.

Being such a changing industry, planning is almost impossible, but if like e-commerce guru Varsha Rao, you want to get a few steps ahead, then here are some of the top trends you should not overlook if you have an online business.

1. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality will break into e-commerce to bring the online shopping experience to another level. The main objective of virtual reality is the simplification of the buying process, offering the experience of a physical store through a reality-helmet or glasses that allow consumers to navigate through a web page.

Augmented reality is also a strategy that aims to revolutionize the process of buying, but through reality in 3D. For example, you can try a car before renting it or take a tour of a hotel you want to book. Seems pretty useful, right?

2. M-commerce, yes with “m”!

Countries like China are becoming authentic m-commerce referrals. According to PwC’s Total Retail survey, in 2016, the 65% of the Chinese population that purchases online through their mobile devices admitted that they already did it at least once a month. Mobile is becoming the main driver of sales through the Internet.

Due to the strong buying trend through mobile devices, many companies are focusing their efforts on maximizing their services for mobile devices, with the purpose of offering their customers a comprehensive service and improving their user experience.

Compared to 2015, consultancy PwC also warns of the large increase in payment transactions through mobile phones. In just one year, globally, consumers who make payments through their smartphones grew from 8% to 20%. In China the increase is much more significant, going from 18% to 43% of users.

3. Multi-channel shopping or showrooming and multi-devices

Does the showrooming concept sound familiar? The term might not seem very familiar, but it is very likely that you have done it more than once: look and test the product in a physical store and finish the process by making the purchase online, sometimes through the website of the competition.

This habit is becoming more common in consumers, so many companies are already implementing true multichannel strategies in their businesses. The main objective: to reach more customers, offer different points of sale and more complete information throughout the purchase process. This way of combining various formats includes the integration of physical stores, online, social networks and different mobile devices.


If you have an online business, it is essential to know the importance of each of the mobile devices that your users use in the final purchase decision and optimize the processes in each of them to achieve a good user experience.


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