Why you are probably not a good salesperson


Are you in sales or some other form of marketing that requires face to face interaction? Have you been finding it hard to meet your sales target even though you are following all the rules of sales? If you have answered yes to both questions, then it is possible that the problem isn’t with your sales pitch or the product. The problem might be you.

While it’s true that a large part of sales success comes from organizations and their ability to create a culture of sales excellence, individual sales representatives must take accountability as well. Below are four tips that will assist any salesperson looking to better connect with their prospects.

  1. A great smile

No doubt a smile is important when approaching a potential customer to make a sale. Smiles are great for disarming a potential client and making them more amenable to what you are about to propose. But a smile can have an opposite effect if it is wrongly perceived – A smile might be perceived by a potential client to be predatory if it isn’t accompanied with the right facial expression. A smile must appear genuine if it is to win over a client and make them comfortable enough to listen to your pitch. Thus, constantly practice your smile in the mirror and test it on friends until you get it right.

Another thing that might cause a smile to have the wrong effect is the condition of your teeth. Firm white teeth set into a confident smile can be a real crowd pleaser. But overly crooked and brown teeth might put off a client before he/she has even heard your proposal. Thus, invest in your teeth and get dentition that catches your audience’s attention the right way.

  1. Dress for success

Dressing smartly is a tried and tested method of presenting yourself as a well-meaning professional. If you want potential clients to take you seriously, you must appear to them as a serious person, and that’s something you can accomplish by dressing smartly. Make sure every article of clothing you are wearing is clean, pressed, and properly matches. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive, but it definitely should be neat. If you don’t think your clothes matter and you dress shoddily, you can expect potential clients to treat you shoddily or simply not take you seriously.

  1. Focus on the right selling points

When trying to pitch a product or an idea, you need to first size up your potential client and determine what he/she wants. The better you are at doing this, the more capable you will be at pitching to them a product with words they want to hear. For example, when selling a car to a bachelor, he probably is interested in selling points like fast, fuel efficient, and ladies. But a married woman on the other hand will be interested in words like spacious and safe. Thus, try selling a product to a client based on what he/she wants to hear about a product not its general attributes.

  1. Believe in what you sell

You can massage the truth as much as you want when trying to sell a product, but if you don’t ultimately believe in the product, a perceptive customer might pick that up from your voice or tone and walk away. Thus, either try to sell only products that you genuinely believe in and can confidently speak about or try selling products based on only the features you are willing to stand by. For example if a car is fast but not fuel efficient. Stick to talking about its speed and all the benefits of said speed, but avoid referring to the fuel efficiency that you have doubts about.

By applying these tips, you are well on your way to becoming a better salesperson.



  1. It happens a lot, sellers come to think that what served them in one, can serve everyone; this is a mistake. Every customer is different and every sale also, so you must analyze from the market, profile and technology.

  2. I am seeing more and more clearly the customers are becoming more and more trained since they use internet to know information about the product, the company and the competition. The more value the product has, this point becomes more acute.


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