6 common mistakes in ecommerce


When a physical store decides to sell through the Internet has a challenge before it. Selling online is not easy, we are assured many rewards and is true, but every achievement requires effort. Let’s see what kind of mistakes to avoid when launching an e-commerce.

A confusing web

A sophisticated web page is useless if errors occur because it is not intuitive or we bet on one that worked a decade ago. The customer seeks the functionality, simplicity and the smallest number of steps to make his purchase.

Failure to facilitate payment

Many customers show their dissatisfaction with the few payment methods offered by some online stores. Obviously, the commissions of banks are disproportionate, but offering a payment method that satisfies all customers will generate confidence and more sales.

Too much data, too many questions

For our ecommerce it is important to know our customer to the fullest, but it is not necessary to overwhelm you with extensive forms that ask too much and translate into laziness and perhaps abandonment of the purchase. Let us ask what is strictly important for us.

Registration as an obligation, not an option

Forcing customers to register compulsorily is cumbersome and intrusive and may throw them out when it comes to buying. The alternative is to offer them the possibility of buying without registration and explain the benefits that will bring them if they register.

Little information about shipping

When a purchase is made, the absence of information until delivery occurs does not appeal. Problems with pay-as-you-go companies or payment gateways are common. At heart, we are human and some mistake can be made. But it does happen, let’s try to keep the user informed of how his problem is being solved. There are multiple channels to keep communication alive.

Complicated returns

The product has arrived at the customer’s house. Unfortunately it is faulty. How are the return policies of your e-commerce? Simple as they should be. The buyer has bet on you, for an online purchase, he trusted you. The absence of difficulties is the key. Especially for that client does not lose confidence in us.


Now, take this post as a checklist, and try to make any purchase online. Try to not repeat in your ecommerce website the mistakes you will see elsewhere.


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