Why it Makes Complete Sense to have the Proper Labeling for Your Food Products


The act of labeling food has been around for millennia – although at various times throughout history people didn’t really consider it labeling; the product was known by how it was stored, what container it was in, and – if at all possible – by a few letters or numbers on the container.

The art of labeling, however, is a modern invention, and this art has become such a part of modern living that no company – no matter how big or small – can do without understanding what it’s all about. Labeling is all around us, and the kind of labeling you choose for your product can either make or break your business.

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Have you ever wondered why you should label your products the right way, and what it takes to have a killer label? Here’s why it makes complete sense to have proper labeling for your food products.

Consider first the law

When you are marketing and selling food products or other similar consumables, it’s important for the consumer to know what the ingredients are. This is because some consumers could be allergic to some of the ingredients, or because your product may not be suitable for some people suffering from certain medical conditions. When designing your label, make sure it contains all the information dictated by law to ensure that your product is safe and reliable, and that the consumer can make an informed decision. This should be your first priority.

Stocking and handling

Labeling also has a very practical application. Think of the bar code when you buy something in the supermarket. Take this concept further, and you will understand why the labeling can make a big difference in how certain items are stored or handled from the moment they come out of the factory to the moment they are placed on the shelves.

Printing labels for your home

It’s possible to produce labels for your food products at home; there are sites that allow you to design your own or that actually provide you with ready-made labels.

Attract and beat the competition

If you’re getting a label for a commercial product, however, then design is everything. Do your research. Think about the consequences of your design, as the labelling experts at www.labeller.co.uk will confirm.

If you want to label your product in order to get the most attention from your potential customers, consider then the research that you have done regarding your target demographic and make sure you adjust the design of the label – the colouring, the fonts, the graphics, the information you provide – for the benefit of your customer. Understand that the label is not only there to give information, but also to sell your product. Understand that your sales depend on it. Design your label well.


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