Amazon chooses Spain as headquarters to give support to sellers of Southern Europe


Amazon has returned to bet on Spain, specifically for Barcelona, ??to open its ‘Support Support Hub’ of Southern Europe, a multilingual center that will support the small French, Italian and Spanish companies that sell their products through the marketplace of the Company, as reported by the e-commerce giant in a statement.

Specifically, this is a team dedicated to offering first-rate support and support to the thousands of South European SMEs that use Amazon Marketplace and will be operational before the summer with an initial team of 100 people.

François Saugier, Vice President of Amazon Marketplace in Europe, has recognized that more and more companies in Southern Europe are “learning quickly to take advantage of the opportunities that electronic commerce offers them to grow internationally.”

“We want to be the best partner for European companies, regardless of their size, and our new ‘Support Support Hub’ in Barcelona will provide the training and assistance necessary to successfully complete their leap into the digital economy,” he explained. .

In this way, the ‘hub’ of Spain will become the fourth center which Amazon has in Europe, along with those already in Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Amazon completes its commitment to Spain with a software development center in Madrid, which already employs 120 engineers designing new functionalities and services for the five websites that the firm has in Europe, as well as supporting Amazon Business.


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