Why Responsive Websites Convert More Customers


Research on website visitor demographics show that many people are looking at websites on a small screen, often a smart phone. Depending on the industry, your company website might have 50%, or more, traffic from mobile devices. Many people asked at Green Jeans Creative “How well do mobile visitors convert?” The answer depends on how easy it is for the visitor to use the website on a small screen. Responsive websites provide a great customer experience regardless of the screen size.

Happy Visitors Mean More Conversions

Mobile visitors are hard to please. They abandon websites that load slowly or are frustrating to use. Like Olympic swimmers, they measure time in tenths of seconds.

Your mobile visitors expect websites to:

  • Load in 2 seconds or less
  • Look good
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Have only short and simple forms

A well-designed, responsive website provides visitors a satisfying experience no matter what device your visitor is using.

Google and Responsive Websites

Google uses many factors to rank a website, including how the website looks on mobile devices. They published guidelines for creating a responsive website. Be sure to also read their article about common mistakes.

Is your website ranking well on Google for people searching on mobile devices? If not, consider converting a non-responsive and slow-loading website into a responsive and fast-loading website.


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