What is A Writer’s Voice


For online business owners especially those running a blog finding a unique voice will be important. The voice of your writing is how you say what you say. It is the way you develop, write, and express your ideas to your readers and the more enjoyable your voice is for your audience the more likely they will be to come back and read more articles you have written. A writer’s voice will not happen overnight it will take months to find and years to perfect. There is a thousand different ways to say the same thing and if your way is the most interesting then people will want to read it from you rather than your competition.

The first step to finding your voice is start writing daily. At first just let the words come naturally, once you have no problems writing an article from start to finish you will want to experiment. The great thing about internet writing is you do not need to follow every grammatical rule. In college every paper written is pretty much the same. Every student is taught to write without the use of I or you. They are taught to detach themselves from whatever they are writing only stating fact after fact leaving opinion and creativity in the dust. This is great for a college term paper, but writing for an online public you will need to change much.

Writing online you will need to change much throwing the rules out the window placing your visitors enjoyment over any grammatical or spelling rule. This will be difficult for many who learned how to write professionally. No longer are you writing with rules it is time to find a way to really connect. You can start off with hi or welcome it may seem silly or wrong, but again don’t worry. If what you try doesn’t seem to work you can always fool around with your next post or article. You can try an article which you walk the person reading through steps in an attempt to teach them something. While writing attempt to talk directly to the other person. Telling them exactly what to expect and do. You can also share your experiences and any problems you had while instructing.

Do not expect a voice early in your online business and writing career. It takes hundreds of articles both written and read. You will want to find others who you really enjoy reading and discover exactly why you like reading what they write. Find out what about their voice you enjoy. Is it how they present information or perhaps how they always go off into a side story. Is it the way they talk to you directly or perhaps the opposite the way they remain personal, but also directly to the point never straying from what they meant to say. Once you decide what you like try it out in your own writing and feel free to tweak what they did making your own personal style. One thing is certain the longer you stay online writing and reading the more likely you will find and perfect your voice making writing much much easier.


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