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Author: kbeus21

There are many methods for increasing traffic, but the majority of traffic you receive in most niches is from search engines. The reason for this is you want people looking for you rather than you ad plastered across the internet or catching traffic from browsing. Search traffic is the most targeted traffic possible. Receiving targeted traffic will also increase sales. If you are running a presence that is selling furniture and rank well for a term such as “buy couches” the traffic you get will be interested in purchasing your product. This differs dramatically from receiving traffic from social sites which is usually not targeted and mainly people who are just interested in a look.

To rank well in search engines there are a few things that you will need. The first thing you should get is keywords which accurately represent your site. You will want to check to see the amounts of traffic these keywords are getting. To check you will need to use the “Google Adwords Keyword Tool” which you can find by going to Google Adwords. Type your term in the search and it will bring up how much traffic that term is getting monthly as well as the related terms in your niche. This is a crucial tool for any webmaster you dont want to target terms with low or no traffic. The income won’t be worth it. Search volume will also be a strong indicator on the keyword competition.

To take on a major keyword which I recommend doing you will need either money to buy marketing or time. Since the majority of my traffic does not have a large income budget for marketing I will focus on free methods for building keyword anchored links. The absoluely best free link which is anchored and can range from PR 10 to PR 0 is links which webmasters give you based on the quality of your site. If you have high site quality with plenty of information and a good look you will notice that people will link to your site without you having to lift a finger. Usually dynamic sites are the ones which receive these kinds of links because they supply a constant flow of unique relevant articles on a subject.

Links which you can build free and ones which will have impact on your search ranking include article submissions to article directories, free web directories, forums, blog commenting, social sites, and many others. You will also want to attempt many guest posts, reviews in exchange for links, and if you have any skill with code programs in exchange for links. These are how you get the major links which have crucial weight in the search engines. I have seen single links jump a site from page 20 to page 1 if the weight of the link is heavy enough. If you receive a one way link from a high page rank site a jump within the search engines could happen to your site.

It is rare for people to receive free high page rank links, but if your willing to offer content it is very possible. For the majority of your links you will need to focus on the most common sources that I covered earlier. Personally my favorite is article submissions because they can be taken by many publishers and when the article is published your link within the resource box will be published with the article. One quality article could potentially equal many one way links. You must remember to increase your sites place within the search engines you must be willing to work consistently always building a bigger better presence and making more noise on the web. Reaching the top spot only happens when you fight through the rough patches and force yourself to work everyday.

PS: This will be only one of many articles on search engine optimization if you would like to see any specific posts please ask in the comments.


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