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Author: kbeus21

In most circumstances I recommend online business owners to find their audience by using search engine optimization. There really is no reason not to use SEO to find an audience, but search engines are not the only place to find your audience. This post will guide you in finding new places to look for your audience. One important thing I recommend is making sure that the places you look are very targeted. This means they have people who would really like to look at what you are selling. A good example of this would be with my online business blog to join webmaster forums. The majority of people on these forums are people looking for help with their online business or website.

Social media is a great place to find and connect with your audience. You will want to stick with niche specific places when trying to find an audience. I specially recommend using these types of sites for any type of news presence. The majority of people on social bookmarking sites look for up to date news on specific topics. The major social bookmarking sites will categorize their stories which means they are great for many types of sites. When you join one of these major social bookmarking sites you will want a way for your audience to vote for your site. Most the sites such as digg will have code that will automatically allow your visitors to dig the page you would like them to digg. Simply add the code and a button will appear when a visitor clicks on the button they will vote for your site and it will perform better within the social bookmarking site.

Forums are also a place you should consider looking for your audience. Many niches have forums that rank well for keywords within your niche. They also allow you to leave links within the signature so when you leave expert advice which will make people want to hear more about what you have to say they can click on the link and visit your site. Many webmasters and online business owners within a niche will hang out on the major forums allowing you to make connections. These connections can turn into prosperous cross promotions. You can exchange links, exchange guest posts, or do full out marketing campaigns for one another. To have a successful marketing campaign with forums it is important to be consistent and post to the forums several times each week. Any question you can answer you should answer this will build you authority within your niche quite quickly.

This post has gone over quite a few different places that you can find your audience. Some other you can consider is offline marketing, social networking, blogs, email, and many others. Test as many as possible out to see which ones will help your presence out the best. Also don’t put all of your marketing efforts into a single marketing campaign. You should spread out as much as possible and if you don’t have the time hire others to help your marketing campaign.


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