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Author: kbeus21

Search engines for the past decade have become the main way in which people access information online. When you need to learn about something Google or Bing will be the main place people look. That being said if you would like your online business to do well it is important to start looking at how to rank well within these search engines. If you rank well for a highly searched term you will no longer worry about how to get traffic or increase traffic. Making money will simply be testing different monetization techniques. The problem is ranking well.

There are two types of search engine optimization you should spend your time with the first being on site search engine optimization. This is every word put on your site including navigation links, main content, headers, titles, and anything else you may have added. The main search engines use bots to come look at your site and will decide what it is about and what to rank it well for. If your site has make money online in numerous places then the search engines will place your site in the category of make money online. You should be aware of the words you are using when creating your site making sure to do at least some research using Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see how popular terms are within your niche and attempt to place searched for terms on your site.

The other side of search engine optimization is off site optimization and will be what separates your site from the other sites which have optimized on site for the same term. The basics of off site optimization are building links from reputable sites all pointing towards your site. Before you begin submitting to every directory under the sun and commenting on every blog that is even somewhat related to your site be sure to focus your link building campaign on the free links that you will get with link bait. Link bait is links which sites give freely because your content is what their audience needs. These are the links that Google will place the highest authority on and are the ones that are easiest to build since there is no work necessary. Simply put to create link bait you will need to create content that can not be found anywhere else online.

Every article you write, every picture you place, and every video you create should be your absolute best work. Do not post crap online or you will find yourself on the bottom of Google and Bing. Focus on finding areas within your niche where there are questions, but no answers then do your best to create the answers and post them on your presence.

When trying to rank well within the search engines remember that it is not a quick or easy road. The first six months or so you will see little results, but every hour of work you place into your optimization campaign will be collected and remembered by the search engines. That means that links you build a year ago will continue to help your site today. Constantly looking for new ways to increase search presence over a long period of time will be the best long term strategy.


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