How to perfect your branding strategy

Here's how to perfect your branding strategy with this exclusive study on brand positioning The market is greatly influenced by brand positioning. It affects customers...

Basic ideas for a home office

Ten years ago, setting up a home office seemed like an exotic idea for dreamers on their way to discover new worlds. In today's...

What is a Digital Workplace and what are its benefits for...

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the way millions of people work and has led to the rise of telecommuting and remote work, as...

Is your company more operational or strategic?

Artificial intelligence allows them to anticipate those moves that generate uncertainty

Even in the most difficult moments, a leader must know how...

You have to rely on your personal resources to overcome the obstacles that arise in your life

If you decide to start a business because …

Entrepreneurs end up working many more hours than when they were employees and that your project becomes the most ruthless and severe boss you have ever known.

Oldpreneurs: succeeding after fifty

There's no age for entrepreneurship. It is also time for old entrepreneurs to realize their dreams; they have the desire and the experience to do so.

Will Silicon Valley change after the coronavirus?

Silicon Valley will never be the same after the coronavirus. The best known valley, birthplace and home of the world's leading technology companies, will experience more changes than expected after the pandemic.

How refurbished equipment is saving telework

Today's technology has evolved so much that both the software and the tools we use online every day do not require many resources. A 5-year-old laptop can be perfectly valid for work these days and that is why the demand for circular technology products has soared in the last eight weeks

How to protect your e-Business

The internet has provided great opportunities for businesses. With a marketplace that is not governed by borders, the possibilities for growth and expansion are...

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