Is your company more operational or strategic?

Artificial intelligence allows them to anticipate those moves that generate uncertainty

Uber buys Postmates for $2.65 billion to boost home delivery and...

Uber announces the purchase of Postmates, one of the great food delivery services, as explained by the companies in a press release.

Airbnb’s CEO believes that travel as we knew it is over,...

Tourism has been one of the sectors that has suffered most from the effects of confinement and border closures worldwide. As a result, the hotel sector has experienced large losses of revenue during these months, something that has also reached companies that compete against this model, such as Airbnb.

Epic Games, owner of Fortnite, is worth $17 billion

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, is to carry out a new round of investment adding $750 million, bringing its value to $17 billion.

Even in the most difficult moments, a leader must know how...

You have to rely on your personal resources to overcome the obstacles that arise in your life

If you decide to start a business because …

Entrepreneurs end up working many more hours than when they were employees and that your project becomes the most ruthless and severe boss you have ever known.

Swedish investment fund EQT buys Spanish startup Freepik

The founders of the company will continue to run the business and keep part of the shareholders, says this economic newspaper. The objective now is to make it grow in other international markets such as the USA and Asia in an organic way.

Oldpreneurs: succeeding after fifty

There's no age for entrepreneurship. It is also time for old entrepreneurs to realize their dreams; they have the desire and the experience to do so.

Will Silicon Valley change after the coronavirus?

Silicon Valley will never be the same after the coronavirus. The best known valley, birthplace and home of the world's leading technology companies, will experience more changes than expected after the pandemic.

Uber will lay off another 3,000 employees and close offices due...

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on Uber, AirBnB, and other technologies. After announcing a 14% cut in its workforce two weeks ago, the company will lay off another 3,000 workers. According to The Wall Street Journal, Uber sent an email to his employees advising them of the decision.

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