Are you thinking of lowering prices because of the crisis? Read...

In times of crisis the existing market is reduced and the price war is often the choice of many. But, be aware, we are...

LinkedIn lays off nearly 1,000 workers worldwide

The social network focused on the world of work LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, will dismiss 960 people in the coming months worldwide, equivalent to 6% of its workforce, due to the impact of the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear Internet, thank you for the countless opportunities you have given...

We live in the greatest era of technology and opportunity for all, take advantage of technology, or take advantage to reinvent yourself.

Are we doing webinars beyond our means?

A webinar doesn't kill you, but it can make you dumb.

Circles in the parks and social distance, that’s how New York...

Social distancing is one of his most repeated requests, and he has insisted that security forces be vigilant to avoid crowding in parks and squares, which New Yorkers frequent so much, especially on weekends.

Video game sales in the U.S. from January to March exceed...

Americans spent more than ten billion dollars on video games, consoles and accessories in Q1 2020, a 9% increase over the previous year.

Sony creates PlayStation Studios, a new brand for its exclusive games

Sony today announced the creation of PlayStation Studios, a new brand that will unify exclusive PS5 productions under a single name. The company has published a video that will serve as the entry point for the video games developed by the studios belonging to this new label, which will begin its journey at the same time as the new generation console.

How to maintain productivity by working from home?

Productivity is a matter of habit. That's why getting out of our usual office or job routine and starting to work at home is a problem in itself. We have left our environment and it is harder for us to get going, to concentrate, but also to disconnect.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 to go digital because of coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused the delay of many games or the cancellation of some of the most important events, which has led in some cases to opt for a digital format, which is exactly what will happen with the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Dividers, protective screens and maximum hygiene: this is how offices are...

In a short time, this infamous coronavirus has forced us to turn our lives around. Because of it we have had to lock ourselves up at home to telework and maintain social distance with colleagues, friends and even family. Almost two months later, it seems that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is still a long way to go before we can return to normal. To begin with, in order to recover the activity in person, workplaces have to adapt and companies specializing in office furniture are trying to offer solutions.

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