What should the perfect backlink look like?

A backlink is an incoming link to our website from a third party site. In SEO positioning it represents one of the best resources...

Tips to improve a content marketing campaign

Running a content marketing campaign can be very beneficial, if you know how to do it right. Do you want to improve your content marketing...

Benefits of implementing corporate gifts in your marketing strategy

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many times have we heard it? And it is true, since we are...

Google Chrome will automatically block the most resource-consuming ads from August

Google wants to eliminate the ads that consume the most CPU or bandwidth, and to do so Google Chrome will start blocking them from August. The idea, according to Google, is to improve users' browsing experience, since heavy or poorly optimized ads can negatively affect the loading speed of pages or the battery of devices.

The 3 most frequent reasons for bounce on websites

Bouncing is the almost immediate entry and exit of a user visiting a website. This data alone does not have any negative effect on SEO positioning, however when it occurs repeatedly, search robots identify that there is something not right, between the indexation of the page and the keywords that users are looking for. As a result, the website loses positions.

What is considered a quality link today?

Not all links are the same. You should know that there are many links that convey authority and others do not. There are several factors to consider, either to place links for free or to pay for them.

What is CTR, how to measure it and how to improve...

The CTR or Click Through Rate is the relationship between the number of clicks that a link gets and the number of impressions of the page where the link is located.

Is the date required in the URL of the blog posts?

The date on the permanent links is a practice derived from the creation of blogs many years ago. It identifies day, month and year...

Tools to learn how to create video ads

Video ads are necessary because of their effectiveness. Various studies ensure that users retain 95% of the information transmitted in a message when it arrives...

What is Amazon advertising exactly?

The moment you enter a keyword in the Amazon search box you will start to see results, similar to how Google searches work, but...

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