3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

View the article's original source Author: Heidi Cohen   Most marketers laser focus on building their own audience. This makes sense since “know your audience” is the...

Facebook launches feature to create free shops on Instagram and Facebook

Facebook announced a few hours ago the launch of Shops, a way for businesses to set up free stores on Facebook and Instagram. The stores, which will feature third-party services including Shopify, BigCommerce and Woo, are designed to make the social network a convenient shopping destination.

3 recommendations to strengthen buyer confidence

In recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed substantially among consumers worldwide. The recent health crisis, caused by the Covid-19 virus, has accentuated these changes and accelerated digitisation in all sectors. This is why it is necessary to strengthen confidence for those new buyers in the online environment.

What an effective Facebook Ads campaign should look like

Facebook Ads is a great way of letting people know about your business and the services or products that you can offer to them....

What is mindful marketing?

It's about making sure that your objectives are also theirs, that is, mindful marketing seeks to make the consumer aware of what he or she is consuming, and that he or she knows that by doing so he or she is contributing in some way to society, whether it be by caring for the environment or promoting social inclusion.

Google Chrome will automatically block the most resource-consuming ads from August

Google wants to eliminate the ads that consume the most CPU or bandwidth, and to do so Google Chrome will start blocking them from August. The idea, according to Google, is to improve users' browsing experience, since heavy or poorly optimized ads can negatively affect the loading speed of pages or the battery of devices.

The 3 most frequent reasons for bounce on websites

Bouncing is the almost immediate entry and exit of a user visiting a website. This data alone does not have any negative effect on SEO positioning, however when it occurs repeatedly, search robots identify that there is something not right, between the indexation of the page and the keywords that users are looking for. As a result, the website loses positions.

What digital marketing strategies generate more ROI?

Digital marketing investment in the world will reach $ 229.25 billion by 2017, according to an eMarketer study. Due to all the disciplines that...

One in five young people lose sleep over social media

Over 900 pupils, aged between 12-15 years, were recruited and asked to complete a questionnaire about how often they woke up at night to...

Policymakers fall short on global agreement to reduce marketing unhealthy foods...

A Virginia Tech researcher has found that while small steps have been taken by the global food and beverage industry to reduce the targeted...

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