In recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed substantially among consumers worldwide. The recent health crisis, caused by the Covid-19 virus, has accentuated these changes and accelerated digitisation in all sectors. This is why it is necessary to strengthen confidence for those new buyers in the online environment.
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Artificial intelligence allows them to anticipate those moves that generate uncertainty
/ Aug 6



EU to accuse Amazon in the coming weeks of using data from third party vendors to compete against them
/ Jun 12

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In times of crisis the existing market is reduced and the price war is often the choice of many. But, be aware, we are on the verge of the biggest economic challenge in a long time. The market will narrow. But the solution is not to lower prices but to bring value. Although it may seem like a textbook business strategy, competing on price is only tactical, and in the end benefits the larger companies.
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In recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed substantially among consumers worldwide. The recent health crisis, caused by the
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Google wants to eliminate the ads that consume the most CPU or bandwidth, and to do so Google Chrome will start blocking them from August. The idea, according to Google, is to improve users' browsing experience, since heavy or poorly optimized ads can negatively affect the loading speed of pages or the battery of devices.
/ May 15


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Phishing’ cases are baited with new teleworkers
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Those of us who have been facing a screen for years are not immune from being cheated or swindled one day, but at least we have some respect before we open an email. You know the clients, if you get press releases, the communication agencies, too.

But, if because of…

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Facebook launches feature to create free shops on Instagram and Facebook
Where is social networks’ business going right now?
Pewdiepie signs exclusive agreement with YouTube
What is clickbait?
Facebook says it will come out stronger from the pandemic
Influencer marketing on social media is just hidden marketing
What an effective Facebook Ads campaign should look like
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Uber buys Postmates for $2.65 billion to boost home delivery and compete against Just Eat
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Uber Eats wants to grow up. To achieve this, today Uber announces the purchase of Postmates, one of the great food delivery services, as explained by the companies in a press release. The transaction will be for $2.65 billion in cash, as previously announced by Bloomberg.

Airbnb’s CEO believes that travel as we knew it is over, and states that they “have lost almost everything in weeks”
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Tourism has been one of the sectors that has suffered most from the effects of confinement and border closures worldwide. As a result, the hotel sector has experienced large losses of revenue during these months, something that has also reached companies that compete against this model, such as Airbnb….