Zombie startups are here to stay

It is possibly one of the worst nightmares for an investor, even worse than having a failed startup in your portfolio. Neither is it a new species, nor a concept of recent creation: startups or
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Personal brand is to understand this is a market and that you are a product in this huge market, where there are many similar products Some products maybe bigger than others, but others more juicy or better quality than those. Imagine you are in a market and close to you there are hundreds of products like you, but just like in a typical market, although all potatoes are potatoes, it is always the one that
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It is possibly one of the worst nightmares for an investor, even worse than having a failed startup in your portfolio. Neither is it a new species, nor a concept of recent creation: startups or zombie companies have years of history. The term was born from a group of banks that remained afloat thanks to public financing with the objective of not falling into insolvency. Over the years, the concept of zombie was transferred to
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Thanks to technological development, e-commerce is in full swing, growing at an unstoppable pace worldwide. If you have an online business, you need to have your finger on the pulse, and be aware of emerging trends in e-commerce; everything points to some really interesting changes on the horizon. Being such a changing industry, planning is almost impossible, but if like e-commerce guru Varsha Rao, you want to get a few steps ahead, then here are
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Inappropriately disposed cell phones are perilous to the environment and us. Over the years, green enthusiasts and organisations have continually pressed for environmental conservation, with phone recycling being one of the major issues. Human beings  throw away millions of mobile phones every year, in pursuit of devices with better technology.   Cell phone coatings usually contain harmful elements with adverse, long-term effects. Toxic substances in mobile phones are: Lead found in circuit boards and batteries
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Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults
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Most young people don’t think too closely about their personal finances. Their primary concern is earning enough money to pay for the things they want in life, such as a nice car, a holiday with their mates, or some designer shoes. For the average 20-something, the future is a…

Family friendly trading for beginners
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The idea of trading often pops up in our minds more often that we let whenever we are thinking of our future. However, with families, it becomes a bit hectic and somewhat an uphill task to even begin trading. More so because there is hardly enough money to…

CEO of Uber: one of the most hard jobs in the world
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A little more than two months ago, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to resign. What initially had the pretext of a temporary exit with the aim of calming the spirits inside the company, – the announcement coincided with the results of the investigation on sexual harassment that had…

Drone Technology Goes Places
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Global investment in drone hardware is expected to reach $14 billion by 2021 according to BI Intelligence Estimates. Currently, the combined investment from the government, enterprises, and consumers amounts to $10 billion.

The rise of drones

Many businesses have made drones a central part of their functions. As drones can really…

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Marketing Sep 29, 2017

Digital marketing investment in the world will reach $ 229.25 billion by 2017, according to an eMarketer study. Due to all the disciplines that digital marketing encompasses, it is sometimes difficult to decide what strategies to follow. And, most importantly, how the strategy will impact your company. That is why, for digital marketing to be effective you must clearly choose your goals.

Depending on the objectives you have defined you will choose one or another tool. Do you know the ones that work best if your goal is to increase ROI?

The Return of Investment (ROI) compares the benefit obtained from the investment made with the budget allocated to a marketing strategy. Achieving the highest profitability is the dream of every company.

The study from which the top graph is extracted performs an analysis separating two types of ROI that are defined according to two objectives:

  • Acquiring new customers.
  • Retention of existing customers.

They are two totally different processes and it is a good idea to measure them separately, since it is as important to capture new clients as to retain those that have already been captured and converted long ago….


Equifax was the first to recognize the situation. The company, dedicated to making client credit calculations, has suffered a security breach affecting 143 million customers. Through a statement to its investors, the financial company has explained that a group of cybercrime has infiltrated their systems and has collected information from the profiles of its database. Among the details they have stolen are sensitive identity-related data, such as the date of birth, address, driving license number
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The type or the best POS (point of service) system that is best for your business depends on what service or product your business provides, your customers and how they make purchases, as well as identifying the space you have to utilize or if you are needing a mobile device. Determining the answers to these questions will help you to determine the best POS system for your business, however, it is the Clover POS that
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A lot of time, effort and money go into starting a new business venture and establishing your brand in the market. And for most entrepreneurs, competing with the existing players in the game and taking their enterprise to the next level can be quite a challenge. However, contrary to popular perception, you do not need to have deep pockets to spread the word and enhance your brand’s outreach within your target market. All you need
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It is possibly one of the worst nightmares for an investor, even worse than having a failed startup in your portfolio. Neither is it a new species, nor a concept of recent creation: startups or zombie companies have years of history. The term was born from a group of banks that remained afloat thanks to public financing with the objective of not falling into insolvency. Over the years, the concept of zombie was transferred to
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  • To predict crowdfunding, scan consumers’ brains
    Brain activity can predict consumer choices more accurately than what consumers say they want in questionnaires, a new study of people’s decisions to back crowdfunding campaign suggests. Surveys and self-reports are a time-honored way of trying to predict consumer behavior, but they have limitations. People often give socially desirable answers or they simply don’t know […]
  • Even a marketing expert succumbs to store brand bias
    Store brands have been growing since the 1980s, expanding from a 10 to 15 percent market share to nearly 25 percent today. The phenomenon isn’t limited to supermarkets, but extends to home improvement, office supply, and big-box stores. However, “consumers still think of store brands as a lower quality than the national brands,” says Woochoel […]
  • Corporate R&D spending hits record highs for the Top 1000, despite concerns of economic protectionism
    Annual worldwide corporate R&D spending broke through $700bn in annual investment, according to an annual analysis of R&D spending across 1000 global public companies by PwC’s Strategy&. It shows corporate R&D spending increased a steady 3% in the past year, bouncing back from less than 1% increase previously. However, in a global survey with 562 […]
  • We like emotional user reviews, but not rants or gushing
    Although some emotion makes user reviews more persuasive, online shoppers often ignore reviews they perceive to be overly emotional, researchers report. “Ranting about a bad experience may be cathartic for the author, but it is counterproductive for reviewers…” Online reviews play an increasingly important role in consumer behavior as more Americans opt to purchase items […]
  • How to make your catalogue delivery campaign a success
    There are many things you should consider when planning to distribute catalogues. Your goal is to make a positive first impression as well as encourage recipients to flick through the catalogue and check out your products. There are numerous ways you can achieve this, including attractive graphics and readability as well as special deals and […]
  • Polite words boost online sales in Japan
    Polite language that invokes culture or authority helps products sell, according to research on online products in Japan. The same research method could reveal top-selling words in English, Chinese, and other languages. Computer science graduate student Reid Pryzant and linguist Dan Jurafsky, both of Stanford University, applied a machine learning technique to analyze more than […]


Researchers from the Higher School of Economics have shown how the level of perinatal testosterone, the sex hormone, impacts a
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Booklets are useful in different ways. They are cheap and are easy to produce. They have been used for a long time in advertising, and they are still used even now. If you want to make the most out of booklets, here are the types of booklets for you to choose from. 1.-Inspirational booklets These booklets are used mainly to make people feel better. Usually, religious organisations make use of this type of booklet. They
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Social marketing at the movies
One in five young people lose sleep over social media
Social media use associated with depression among US young adults
Computers can take social media data and make marketing personas
What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Storytelling, Social Media Marketing, and User Generated Content.
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  • Top 4 reasons you need more than one type of forklift
    Did you know there are several different types of forklifts? The differences are more complex than simply the type of fuel or energy used to drive the lift. Various designs work quite well for tasks in warehouses and on production floors. Here are some examples of why just one lift design is not enough for […]
  • 5 reasons why a departmental retreat will help your team
    Maintaining a team spirit on the job is not always easy. Even the most dedicated employees can begin to feel a little stale in their positions and wonder if their contributions really matter. One way that you can provide a boost to your team is to plan a weekend retreat. Here are some of the […]
  • 4 qualities to look for in a new forklift
    When one or more of your older lifts is no longer worth the cost of repairs, it’s time to invest in something new. See this as a chance to compare designs and go with something that will accomplish all the things the old lift would do and maybe handle a few additional chores. Here are […]
  • How to motivate your team
    Your business is only as talented, knowledgeable, and productive as your employees. You must work together effectively to achieve your company’s goals. To increase employee morale and efficiency, find out how to motivate your team. Pay Employees Their Worth Do you offer a competitive rate of pay for your employees? If not, don’t be too […]
  • Recycling for small retailers: what you need to know
    If you run a small retail business, you need to be thinking about the planet. The retail sector is one of the largest producers of commercial waste. There’s lots you can do to green-up your business. Not only will you be helping the environment, it will also help you to reduce clutter and could save […]