This article is divided in four posts: What is agile marketing? How to work with agile marketing? What’s the job of the agile marketing team? What are the benefits of scrum methodology? Agile marketing? If there is something scarce among marketers, it is time. Therefore, among all the virtues that a professional in this sector must have, agility is one of the most necessary. But also one of the most difficult to achieve. Everyone wants
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When we know the figure that 80% of startups fail, nobody should forget that behind that zombie company there is a story, a personal bet and a series of economic issues to solve. Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with success and failure. When the company does not generate profits, it is necessary to close the business, even if it is not easy. If we do not have enough clients to survive, keeping without expectations will
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When making an online purchase customers are able to go to any number of online stores to make a selection. So how do they decide where to shop? Sure, having the product the customer wants in the variety and style is certainly important, but there is much to say about the customer interaction. Unfortunately, with online shopping there is little face to face interaction that can be accomplished so the customer bases his or her
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You don’t have to buy plant machinery to use for construction. You can just rent the equipment you need and you are ready to start the process. You might need forklifts, backhoes, loaders, dozers and crushers. Just check which equipment you need and rent it for a specific period of time. This will help you save a lot of money in the end. If you will not be using the equipment again in the future,
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In the future, will we all be self-employed?
eBusiness Planet

In these times much is being discussed about the future of work. The third industrial revolution is just around the corner and could completely change the way we relate to work. But even if machines fail to destroy most of today’s jobs and the creativity or manipulative ability of…

How the Ponzi’s scheme works in wine business
eBusiness Planet

In 1980, a California man named John E. Fox opened a wine store near San Francisco called Premier Cru. More than a decade later, when the business was struggling financially, Fox devised a way to make a lot of money—all at his customers’ expense.

What transpired on and off during…

Room upgrade programs can increase hotel profits up to 35 percent
eBusiness Planet

CATONSVILLE, MD, December 19, 2016 – With travelers spending more than $278 billion on accommodations in the U.S. last year, hotel chains that explore creative new ways to engage customers have the potential to significantly increase their profits. Standby upgrade programs are an innovative way for hotels to increase…

Trump presidency to affect the quality of financial reporting information
eBusiness Planet

The number of companies using ‘creative accounting techniques’ can be expected to increase in Republican-governed states and decrease in Democrat-governed states when Donald Trump becomes US President tomorrow, according to new research from the University of Bath.

Widely seen in recent accounting scandals, companies under pressure from analysts and investors…

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eBusiness Planet
Basics May 19, 2017

Starting a business is a huge endeavor. For many people, starting a business is the best way to maximize their talents while also maximizing the amount of income they have the potential for. This comes at a huge risk. Far too often there are some simple mistakes that even the smartest people seem to make time and again. Here are five mistakes to be aware of if you are starting a new business.

Making sure to properly classify your business

Classifying your business is one of the first decisions entrepreneurs make. Far too often they are making these decisions without the proper knowledge or expertise to make the right decision. This is a decision that can cost your business immense problems if not done correctly. There is not one absolute way to determine if you are classified properly. Two people who run very similar businesses may classify their businesses differently and the classifications might fit their needs perfectly. Looking down the road to where your company might be in ten years can make a difference in how you want to classify your business. Here are the 6 main classifications business owners choose:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Cooperative
  • Corporation


Security is, along with his sister, prudence, the key property of the bank. Without it, it has no reason to be; And the same statement applies to digital banking. Without digital security, known as cybersecurity, there is no reliable online banking and, therefore, its future is put in question. One fact reflects the importance of cybersecurity in the development of financial institutions: 90% of clients would switch to another financial company if their bank was
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One of the innovations of recent times to make the payments, is the possibility to pay from the mobile, using contactless technology. It is a matter of bringing the telephone to the dataphone to make the payment, thanks to an application and a credit card associated with it. But the payment from the mobile phone is only used by 5% of customers. At least this is reflected in data from a recent Visa study. 14%
/ Jun 6


When we know the figure that 80% of startups fail, nobody should forget that behind that zombie company there is a story, a personal bet and a series of economic issues to solve. Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with success and failure. When the company does not generate profits, it is necessary to close the business, even if it is not easy. If we do not have enough clients to survive, keeping without expectations will
/ Jun 13


Some companies, when they see their market share threatened by new competitors, opt to buy them and pretend that nothing has happened. No matter what category they are, or what service area we are talking about, the biggest fish always eats the smallest, so Amazon bought the digital store, and it’s not really that surprising. The Middle East giant thus joins the aggressive expansion strategy that the US store has been carrying out for
/ Mar 29

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  • How disappearing jobs keep kids out of college
    After states suffer significant job losses, college attendance drops among the poorest students of the next generation, a new study suggests. As a result, states marked by shuttered factories or dormant mines also show a widening gap in college attendance between rich and poor, the study’s authors write. Yet simple economics aren’t the only factor […]
  • Emerging Entertainment and Media segments show the importance of user experience
    London, 7 June 2017 – Burgeoning entertainment and media industry segments such as virtual reality (VR), e-sports and music streaming illustrate an intensifying focus on users and the vital role of “fans” as a source of competitive advantage. According to PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook 2017-2021, the consumer VR content market will grow at […]
  • Why some people don’t take out loans for college
    People who have used payday lending or have less understanding of finances and loans may be much more loan averse than others when it comes to college loans, a new study suggests. Loan aversion, as the term applies to post-secondary education, generally refers to a person’s unwillingness to acquire debt to pay for college, even when […]
  • Technological Change and Cyber Risk Overtake Regulation as Top Risks for Insurers
    ‘Banana Skins’ survey reflects industry risk perception Insurance Banana Skins 2017 (2015 ranking in brackets) 1 Change management (6) 2 Cyber risk (4) 3 Technology (-) 4 Interest rates (3) 5 Investment performance (5) 6 Regulation (1) 7 Macro-economy (2) 8 Competition (-) 9 Human talent (15) 10 Guaranteed products (7) 11 Political interference (16) […]
  • Minimum wage hikes help some workers, not others
    Raising the minimum wage helps workers who currently earn that amount but decreases the number of low-wage workers that businesses hire shortly thereafter, a new study finds. While the federal minimum wage rate stands at $7.25 an hour, actual pay for low-wage workers varies across the country because some states and cities have adopted higher wages than […]
  • Wages aren’t the only factor for British working poor
    Sixty percent of the people living in poverty in the UK live in a household where someone is working, the highest figure ever recorded, a new report shows. The research shows that the risk of poverty for adults living in working households rose by more than a quarter (26.5 percent), from 12.4 percent to 15.7 […]


Researchers from the Higher School of Economics have shown how the level of perinatal testosterone, the sex hormone, impacts a
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Company reviews are often thought of as something only big enterprises spend money on. If you run your own small businesses that you know like the back of your hand, what could an outsider tell you anyway, right? Or, more likely, wrong. Small business owners love to micromanage everything from finances to the social media strategy of the company. There’s nothing inherently wrong with handling all aspects of your own business. However, with the busy-ness
/ May 25

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Social marketing at the movies
One in five young people lose sleep over social media
Social media use associated with depression among US young adults
Computers can take social media data and make marketing personas
What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Storytelling, Social Media Marketing, and User Generated Content.
Google and Facebook race to provide global connectivity
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  • Three Reasons to Hire a Company to Manage Google Adwords
    Why hire a company to manage Google Adwords if I can get ahead with the team I have? This is the question asked by many marketing managers of companies of all sizes on a daily basis. SEM or Google Adwords campaigns can be managed by the company itself with a team dedicated to it, but […]
  • How Global Events Can Impact Your Small Business
    As a small business owner struggling to keep your business alive, you probably have an enormous sense of personal responsibility. In fact, chances are you have a tendency to blame yourself when anything goes wrong. However, in some cases, itt miscalculate, choose the wrong strategy, or fail to anticipate market trends. Sometimes itt attracting enough […]
  • The end of face-to-face work: WordPress’s company sells its offices because nobody uses them anymore
    Although the vast majority of large technology employees continue to work from offices as luxurious as Apple’s, telecommute, remote work from home, has become a norm rather than assimilated. So it is, that companies like Automattic, the company behind one of the most important publishing platforms in the world, WordPress, is putting it on sale. […]
  • Outsourcing Software Testing Saves You Time and Headaches
    When it comes to software development, nothing is more crucial than software testing. Products that are developed and tested too quickly may have bugs. Additionally, since custom business software is developed for very specific needs, it’s important to ensure your software is meeting those needs. But software testing can also be an expensive process, which […]
  • How To Stay Liquid While Jumpstarting Your Career In Real Estate
    If you’re a real estate agent, you probably know better than anyone else that monetary liquidity is massively important. Unlike other industries, real estate agents subsist almost entirely off of commissions, thus, if you are just starting out it can be stressful to the point of trauma waiting for your first deal to close. There’s […]